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 [cyworld entry+pic] 2008.08.28 22:39

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PostSubject: [cyworld entry+pic] 2008.08.28 22:39   Tue Sep 09, 2008 4:46 pm

source : xxcaramiiah @ endlessxmoment

Title: It seems like Iím pretty photogenic

Ah Itís been long since another picture was taken GaeSyat (sound of camera click)!!
Putting his gaze somewhere else but not looking at the camera
A picture selected from a pile of professional Hollywood poses
Looks like he has no manners..
Looks like he doesnít care..
He looks so fierce..
Heebum is now old..
Heebum is growing fatter..
A cat looking like a pig..
Just like taking this and that many rumours surrounding me and scattering them..
ĎHeís worthy just like his owner, a youthful-looking thousand year old~í
My youthful appearance makes people sigh with feeling and do the 카포에라 Capoeira** clap at the same time..
My cutie gave Ho Bak (Pumpkin) Hyungís sly smile a tight slap in the face(-┏)

**note bracket: Apparently, 카포에라 Capoeira refers to a Pocket Monster (Pokemon) from Pocket Monsterís Animation. Capoeira also refers to a Brazillian blend martial arts and dance, which I think this Pokemon was named after.

^^heechul and heebummie.. ngah.. cute as always~
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Sunny Doll

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PostSubject: Re: [cyworld entry+pic] 2008.08.28 22:39   Tue Sep 09, 2008 11:20 pm

oh goodness, the eyes from heebum ♥.♥
the most cutest cat ever :3
and don't forget Heechul XD
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[cyworld entry+pic] 2008.08.28 22:39
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